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18 Candles

by Connor Graham


18 Candles ​was created leading up to, during, and following the 2020 Presidential election. We were tired, angry, and afraid, especially in the days following November 3rd. We were in rehearsal when the results came in that weekend. For the first time in weeks, months, years, we felt relief. The election took time and energy away from us. But rather than try to ignore how we felt, we leaned into it even more. ​18 Candles ​is a piece about survival of an epidemic, and was created during a pandemic, during the most historic election of our lifetimes.

We’re survivors. We’re surviving. We’ve survived. 

“What happens when the bear comes home every night?”

- Stephen Koczwara


Cast (in order of appearance)

Busted/Anna: Kylie Logan

April: Erin Alys

Colby: Connor Graham

Jimmy: Jacob Athyal

Director: Connor Graham

Camera Op: Rina Hajra

Screenwriters: Erin Alys, Jacob Athyal, Connor Graham​, ​Rina Hajra,​ & ​Kylie Logan

Stage Managers: Tamara Boeck

Photographer: Tom Dugdale

Editor: Jacob Athyal

Scenic/Props Charge: Jessica Hightower

Tech Supervisors: Chris Zinkon & Chad Mahan

Costume Design: Kristine Kearney

Lighting Design: Tom Dugdale & Erik Slezak

Music: Tom Dugdale

the making of

18 Candles


Volunteer or donate to Safe Point, a program of Equitas Health that educates the community about safer drug use, fights the spread of infectious disease, and provides drug treatment enrollment.


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An epidemic art project

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