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by Matt Greenberg


As the last director to devise a micro-play/film, I wanted to highlight the universality of addiction and the need to de-stigmatize it. Using tropes of vaudeville, we find ourselves at Bonnie’s graduation ceremony. But what exactly is she graduating from? With props and scenic elements from plays past, we find ourselves on the same stage, dealing with the same issues, regardless of how one got there. Commencement means “to begin” and I hope this film inspires the viewers to begin the lifelong work of understanding addiction and learning to empathize with those dealing with this universal crisis.

Between 40 and 60% of people dealing with addiction will relapse, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. While rehab may help reduce your risk of relapse, completing a drug rehab program doesn’t guarantee you’ll never relapse. But rehab still has benefits. Research shows rehab can help by helping you develop skills to resist cravings, making relapse less likely. If you do relapse, the length of the relapse may be shorter. People who participate in treatment programs such as rehab also tend to relapse fewer times than people who don’t. Rehab can also lead to improvements in your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. Developing stronger bonds with people you care for can also decrease the likelihood of relapse.


Actors (in order of appearance) 

Mr. Interlocutor: Jacob Oommen Athyal

Bonnie: Lillian Brown

Graduates: Kylie Logan, Sean Naughton, Rina Hajra, Jess Hughes,

Erin Alys, & Connor Graham


Director & Camera Op: Matt Greenberg

Screenwriters: Erin Alys, Lillian Brown, Jacob Oommen Athyal

Stage Managers/Production Assistants: Tamara Boeck & Brooke Tinsley

Photographer: Tom Dugdale

Editor: Jacob Athyal

Camera Tech: Janet Parrott

Scenic/Props Charge: Jessica Hightower

Tech Supervisors: Chris Zinkon, Chad Mahan

Sound: Keya Myers-Alkire, Griffin Mason, & Jesse Tack

Costumes: Kristine Kearney

the making of



If you or someone you know has a substance use disorder, please reach out to our community partner Maryhaven.



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