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family tree

by Kylie Anna Logan


Family Tree is a lamentation and exploration of women enduring the opioid crisis in Ohio.


We follow a “family” of women who are plagued by addiction. Without access to sufficient resources and with the influence of societal shame, they turn to each other for community. When they lose someone to an overdose, and then another someone, they must decide whether or not to go on.


Women face a myriad of social pressures and responsibilities that stand in the way of a swift recovery. Wordless and ritualistic, this film physicalizes the intense journey of recovery, celebrates communities of women, and acknowledges that addiction can be passed down like generational trauma if there are not enough resources nor an abundance of support to stop it.


Featuring original scoring by Kylie Anna Logan and Jess Hughes.

“About 51 percent of women are first injected [intravenously with an illicit substance] by a male sexual partner, while 90 percent of men get their first injections from a friend.”

Gateway Foundation


Director & Editor: Kylie Anna Logan

Choreographer: Lillian Brown

Music: Kylie Anna Logan, Jess Hughes, Lillian Brown, Erin Alys,

Rina Hajra, Jesse Tack, & Keya Myers-Alkire

Performers: Jess Hughes, Kylie Anna Logan, Erin Alys, Rina Hajra, & Lillian Brown

Camera Operators: Jacob Athyal & Sean Naughton

the making of

Family tree


If you’d like to learn more about the unique pressures

affecting women enduring the opioid crisis, please read

Opioid Use, Misuse, and Overdose in Women.



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An epidemic art project

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